Garrett Roell

St. Louis, MO |


PhD in Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering

Washington University in St. Louis, McKelvey School of Engineering, St. Louis MO

BS in Biomedical Engineering

Tufts University, School of Engineering, Medford MA


GW Roell, A Sathish, N Wan, Z Wen, YJ Tang, FS Bao. A comparative evaluation of machine learning algorithms in predicting syngas fermentation outcomes using limited experimental data. Biochemical Engineering Journal. 186 (2022)

GW Roell, RR Carr, ..., M Foston, G Dantas, TS Moon, YJ Tang. A concerted systems biology analysis of phenol metabolism in Rhodococcus opacus PD630. Metabolic Engineering. 55 (2019), pp. 120-130

GW Roell, J Zha, RR Carr, MAG Koffas, SS Fong, YJ Tang. Engineering Microbial Consortia by Division of Labor. Microbial Cell Factories. 18 (2019), pp. 1–11

GW Roell, C Schenk, ..., YJ Tang, HG Martin. A Genome Scale Model for Rhodococcus opacus PD630 Metabolism. In peer review.

GW Roell, JJ Czajka, YJ Tang. IMPACT: The Industrial Microbiology Publication and AI Crowdsourced Toolbox. In preparation.


Yinjie Tang Lab at Washington University in St. Louis

1. Multi-omic analysis of aromatic tolerant biofuel producer Rhodococcus opacus PD630

2. Machine learning and kinetic modeling of syngas-consuming Clostridium carboxidivorans P7

DOE Office of Science Graduate Student Research Award at Lawrence Berkley National Lab

David Kaplan Lab at Tufts University

1. Production and testing of silk-plankton chimera proteins for tissue engineering

2. Mechanical and electrical testing of biocompatible conductive hydrogels for use in actuators



Python: Django, Pandas, scikitLearn, PyMC3, COBRApy

JavaScript: React, Node.js, Vanilla JS, ChakraUI